LaCie Data Recovery

I've been recommended to get in touch with Data Clinic (Chris Parry at Bury, his other half sent me) regarding a drive that's decided it doesn't like me! I've a Lacie 2 bug quadra USB3 6TB drive that has all my old weddings backed up as well as projects (over 2tb at least…I didn't keep track of TB more amount of weddings). Half way through consolidating a wedding project from Avid it said the MXF folder didn't exist and crashed the software. It opened again after but all the AvidMedia files folders were empty. Then I did a restart and it only came up as 'local disc' and now when I click on it it says 'R:\ is not accessible. The File or directory is corrupted and unreadable'. Annoyingly this is my newest and more expensive drive and I'd hoped it was ideal for a back up! I have all the footage on other drives but it'd take me weeks to reinstall 20+ weddings and consolidate them all again so I'm praying for a restore option… I look forward to hearing from you. I hope to call during little ladies nap time after lunch (hence the email now, I can't do important phone calls with a toddler!). Though feel to free to call before and I can try my best to answer!


I also have an external (another LaCie) hard drive that won't show or open on any macs. I can't view or retrieve any files. It looks to be a model from a company called 'wd'. I have it for years so it's pretty old – any chance you could copy the files onto a usb for me?


Sure that should be fine. The problems with your hard drives don't sound fatal and I'm confident that the files can be retrieved from both the hard drives you have.





Corrupted Hard Disk Drive Files

Here's an interesting data recovery case I recently looked at.

2TB External Seagate Drive
1. Took hardrive out of desktop this morning and put it in my bag to use with my laptop later, I believe this may be when files were initially corrupted.
2. Tried to save a text file, on my laptop, on the external drive, and it gave error "The file is corrupted or unreadable"
3. Made copies of open text files in text editor and saved them. At this point I only suspected that my folder of text files was corrupted.
4. Came home and reconnected external hard-drive to desktop, tried to fix this issue, started following this guide:
5. After navigating to the drive in command line I executed the command 'chkdsk /f f':
6. I think (not exactly sure on this step) I responded to a command that asked for a 'y/n' response with 'y'. I think it was asking for the drive to be unmounted? I don't really remember the details other than that I responded to a 'y/n' command.
7. Looked at the drive and saw that many files and folders were missing, not just the folder with text files. All of my folders in 'Skewl Documents', as well as many movies and a lot of music.
8. Started looking into fixing this issue with this guide: but decided against it, after remembering that I didn't have any drives bigger than 2TB to backup the corrupted drive to
9. Copied over the copies of text documents I made to desktop
10. Manually disconnected the drive as it refused to eject (although it always did this). My flatmate had told me it was better to eject it sooner rather than later as temporary files writing over the drive could overwrite some of my lost data.
11. After looking online I realise that my lost files may have been moved by the 'chkdsk' command into a hidden folder, with just the file endings being unrecognisable and they may be easily recoverable, but at this point I don't want to risk plugging it back in.





Dead hard drives and missing data

Laptop dead

My laptop suddenly went off last week, and since that was completely dead and unresponsive. I took it to AMRS (a liverpool laptop/apple repair shop) who told me it could be an issue with the logic board or the topcase, for which the repair would be around 800 so I decided rather than repair it to get a new laptop. However, I have loads of REALLY important files which I never backed up on that laptop, they are a couple of years work which I really can't afford to lose! The repair shop gave me a "Solid State Drive"/Flash Storage for the laptop with the data on and then referred me to you and said you should be able to retrieve the files from that drive. It may also be worth noting that when he plugged in the drive to his laptop and tried to run it on there, once I entered my password around half way through loading his laptop would shut down. I am desperate to get this data back so would love to come drop off the solid state drive for you to see what you can do with it.


Overheated laptop

My laptop overheated today and when I tried to load it I had the error message: 'Operating system not found'. I force shut down and let it cool but had the same error message each time I tried to power up. This has happened once before after overheating (two months ago), I was able to switch it back on after a few attempts and it has continued to work since then until now. It's a Sony Vaio PCG-3C1M. I got it in early 2009 so it's very old. I did a data backup a couple of years ago, but obviously I've added quite a few more photos and docs since then that I want to recover. The laptop itself has enormous sentimental value so if it could be brought back to life for use that would be incredible. I've removed the battery and left it alone because I don't want to cause any more damage. It would be great to get some advice


Power surge on PSU

There was a PSU problem which caused a power surge. The disk now does not work but you can hear it trying to spin up but no clicking. Its a Samsung SP200c 200Gb HD SATA and was wondering if you could quote me either for a fix or total recovery.


Need to recover RAW image files

I've been doing some travelling and copied over about 130gb of images to a lacie rugged drive. I safely ejected it and the next morning when I plugged it in it says that the drive cannot be recognised. I've run two software recovery programmes — the Seagate one and Data Rescue. Both took around 13hours to scan and then didn't bring up any of the latest data — just old images from another project. The drive initialises but won't mount. Is this something you guys could look into? I'm particularly looking for one folder ('canada') which has a substantial amount of .RAW images. They were all copied over beginning 14th September, but all that shows up are the really old things. If you could let me know what's possible and a rough estimate of cost that'd be great.


Card not compatible with computer

I have a MicroSDXC used in a camera and we have a problem that a large portion of our photos have vanished from our recent holiday. I am not sure what has happened. One minute they were there and then the card was saying that it wasn't compatible with my computer and then the camera in which it had previously worked. My girlfriend managed to get it to work on her ipad and has imported a lot of the phots but we are still missing quite a few and would like to have them recovered. I work very close to your Lombard Street location and could drop the SD card into the office in person and for speed.





Maxtor drive dropped - need data recovered

MaXtor M3 portable 2TB HX – M201TCB/GMR (Specs sheet) NM1210FA – Dropped from desk whilst plugged in the cable pulled on it quite forcefully (It didn't hit the floor) I have been told by my university technician that the disk is likely scratched. It has been opened already. – Makes quiet beeping error nose when plugged in. Blue light still works. Please could you let me know how much this will cost to recover if it is possible, and also how do you store the recovered files? Will I need to purchase a new hardrive to send as a spare.


I have a Western Digital My Passport external hard drive 320GB, with various files (music, documents, videos etc), for some reason when I connect to my laptop I get an error message saying the data is not accessible.


My external harddrive is a passport SN wx91a71j0681. When plugged in i just goes "bzzzz, beep, bzzzz, beep" and the light keeps flashing, but the laptop does not recognise it. It's very old, rather battered and has lots of important data on there… help!

Western Digital 500GB HD spins but does not read the drive


Need PCB for Toshiba i have a MD04ACA400 HDETR11GEA51 G3626A (similar drive here), toshiba SATA3.5 hard drive i am looking for a replacement pcb for said model can you help the drive is not spinning up and showing as ASMT 2015 in devices thanks

Hard drive making funny sound and computer will not recognize the device.


I have a Western Digital hard drive that I would like data recovered from. I think it originally short-circuited when I had it plugged in to an old PC but not properly in the case. A small whisp of smoke came up from the circuit board and it was completely dead. I had another WD hard drive so tried using the PCB board from it. When I did the drive did come to life. However, it is just clicking and not accessible so I guess the read/write heads or something is damaged.





iPhones need data back

I've been asked about recovering the files from several damaged iPhones - the enquiries are below. Usually I can retrieve files from phones with these problems, as long as you haven't done a factory reset. Contact the people at for more complex information on phone recover procedures.

iPhone won't start. Took to the apple shop and they said the firmware was corrupt, but as an added problem one of the contact pads in the charging connector was also broken so the connection to the computer was intermittent. I am mainly interested in getting back my photos.

My iPhone had turned of randomly but in to further inspection the screen is not working but the actual phone has as it connects to iTunes , I have not backed my data up and I can't back it up now due to screen issues

My phone (Samsung S6 Edge) has undergone water damage after falling into the ocean while on holiday. Would you be able to recover the data on this as i have contacts/ photos/ videos on my phone which would be hard to obtain again?

Regarding iphone 6. the phone had over 6000 photos saved to the phone. the 64gb phone was close to full so icloud photo library feature was then turned on. this started a backup but was interrupted and did not finish. during the process the photos were removed from the phone but did not back up to icloud. approx 30gb of photos/videos are missing, they are not on the phone or icloud. apple helpline could not help, they said the photos are not on the phone or in icloud and therefore are gone forever. the photos were 100% on the phone 2 days ago but have vanished. can they be restored at all? they are very important photos.

And a Samsung phone...
Samsung Galaxy S6. Phone was waterdamaged and cannot be restored. Power B failure I was told. How much would data recovery be and is there a free evaluation?

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